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Possessing access to a full picture of the cell therapy landscape to facilitate drug development is crucial. However, in such an extremely competitive and dynamic landscape, staying up-to-date on the latest cell therapy deals, company advancements, and drug and trial data can be challenging.

In this, first-of-its-kind, webinar, we were thrilled to present the most up-to-date insights to support efficiency and productivity by eliminating the noise and focusing on the information that matters most to you. Key aspects explored include:

  • The Deals Landscape – Analysing recent collaborations, partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions and what it means for the cell therapy space
  • The Drug and Trial Landscape – Reviewing current trends in therapeutic class, cell type, and disease indication
  • Upcoming Announcements – Evaluating future milestones for cell therapy in terms of clinical progression
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Rachel East
Cell Therapy Lead Research Analyst
Bertie MacArthur


Bertie MacArthur
Account Manager

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What is Beacon Cell Therapy?

Beacon Cell Therapy sector-specific curated database includes trial and drug records for preclinical, active, approved, and discontinued:

  • Receptor-engineered cell therapies such as CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) and TCR (T-cell receptor) therapies
  • Other engineered or non-engineered immune cell therapies such as natural killer cells and regulatory T cells (Tregs)
  • Stem cell-derived and iPSC-derived cell therapies such as immune cells, somatic cells (e.g. cardiomyocytes and retinal pigment cells) and precursor cells


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How Beacon Cell Therapy Works

Search the clinical trial and drug landscape with over 15 different filters including cell type, cell source, and starting material to extract the data you need to conduct complex analyses efficiently.

Our unique Milestones filter and visualization highlight past, present, and future drug development milestones including drug and trial readouts, asset history, and regulatory announcements. This enhancement provides an accurate, timely, and exhaustive single-drug timeline allowing you to benchmark progress in the cell therapy space.

Our new Beacon Deals and Companies feature provides insights into deals and companies within your markets, empowering you to make informed decisions confidently.

Beacon Companies database delivers in-depth information about companies in your target market, including their Headquarters location, financials, pipeline, and more. And Beacon Deals ensures you are always in the know by providing insightful deal data. Whether it’s Mergers and Acquisitions, partnerships, or investments, our platform brings you the latest information on the industry’s latest happenings.

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What is Beacon?

Beacon is a world leading data analysis tool for preclinical and clinical trial information. With unrivalled granularity of search function, data quality, and exhaustiveness, Beacon provides timely information and gives you confidence to progress your targeted drug therapies to patients.

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