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Each Beacon Solution is designed specifically to focus on one therapeutic class. Our sector specialist analysts curate preclinical and clinical data to remove ambiguity and create an unrivalled depth of accuracy and analysis.

Clinical Intelligence

Beacon analysts work together with the scientific community to identify the most relevant trends in the targeted therapy landscape and provide you with cutting-edge reports to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving environment.

Dedicated & Expert Analysts

Gain access to personalized consultations with our analysts specific to your project needs. Beacon analysts also maintain regular conversations with key opinion leaders in the sector to enable you to make the most of your clinical strategy.

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Adoptive Cell
Cancer Vaccine
Gene Therapy
Oncolytic Viruses
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Covering all Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), Small Molecule Drug Conjugates (SMDCs), Protein Drug Conjugates (PDCs), Immunotoxins and more

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Covering all engineered and non-engineered immune cell therapies, including CAR-T, TCR, NK, TILs, Gamma-Delta T Cells and more

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Covering all Bi- and Multi-Specific Antibodies, Antibody Fragments, Augmented Antibodies and more

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Beacon Cancer Vaccine provides the solution you need to master the prophylactic and therapeutic cancer vaccines field.

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Covering all Immune Checkpoint Combination Trials and Immune Checkpoint Modulators in development across 27 different checkpoint targets

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Covering all cytokines and drugs that target a cytokine or its immediate receptor belonging to the Interleukins, Interferons, Colony-stimulating factors, Transforming growth factor β, Tumour necrosis factor and Chemokines families.

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Beacon DDR steps into the field to give drug developers the precise detailed view and broader picture of what is truly happening in the DDR field.

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From gene-editing technologies, novel delivery systems, and a variety of genetic materials being used – Beacon Gene Therapy steps into the field to give drug developers a precise and detailed view of how the gene therapy landscape looks.

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Covering all pharmaceutical grade microbiome-based therapeutics across all disease indications – Beacon Microbiome provides drug developers with detailed views of the expanding microbiome landscape.

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From capturing viral family and strains to understanding any genetic modifications – Beacon Oncolytic Viruses steps into the field to give drug developers the precise detailed view and broader picture of what is truly happening in the Oncolytic Virus field.

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Covering Oligonucleotide-based, mRNA-Based, Ribozyme, and gRNA-Mediated Gene Editing therapies, as well as RNA-Targeted Small Molecules – Beacon RNA covers all disease indications and many modalities to provide a detailed landscape of the RNA space.

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Beacon TPD provides the solution you need to master the targeted protein degradation field.

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