Biomarkers & Assays - Lung Cancer

Benefit from the most complete biomarkers and assays landscape for Lung Cancer.

What we cover

Our inaugural Beacon Biomarkers & Assays offering focuses on lung cancer, covering all biomarkers, assays and clinical trials investigating targeted therapies within the lung cancer landscape.

From preclinical validation of biomarkers and assays to regulatory interactions and updates to clinical trial data, this module encapsulates everything you need to know about the lung cancer biomarker and assay space.

How we can help

Advance your lung cancer biomarker and assay development programs by:

  • Understanding and benchmarking the different biomarker strategies used in clinical trialsand the various assays and associated protocols used to measure these biomarkers.
  • Scour the lung cancer landscape for novel or established biomarkers and assaysand investigate the associated preclinical validation studies.
  • Track developments across the regulatory landscapefor lung cancer biomarkers and assays.
  • Stay on top of emerging trends and new developments with real-time updates and alerts, as well as in-depth monthly reports curated by our analyst team.

How Biomarkers & Assays works

Search the biomarker, assay and trial lung cancer landscape by over 30 unique search filters including:

  • Biomarker biology and classification
  • Assay platform technology
  • Regulatory status
  • Drug target and therapeutic class
  • Disease stage and line of therapy

Customize your search strategy to give you the data you need for your research focus.

What our customers say

“[Biomarkers & Assays] is going to be a blockbuster in my opinion. It’s very valuable. There's no doubt about it… If I can delve into this information sooner rather than later before we write protocols and such, it's going to be amazing”

Senior Vice President
Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company

Our Lung Cancer Expert

Dasha Kaloujskaia, is the lead research analyst for Biomarkers & Assays related trials and assays in the Beacon team.

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About Beacon Biomarkers & Assays

The selection of biomarkers and assays is of utmost importance as it directly impacts the accuracy and efficacy of diagnostic and treatment strategies.

By carefully selecting appropriate biomarkers and assays, researchers can drive advancements in cancer care, leading to earlier detection, more precise diagnosis, targeted therapies, and improved patient outcomes. Beacon are here to support you in making these decisions with confidence through our encompassing database solution.