Modular Solutions

The Biomarkers & Assays database launched with Lung Cancer as its first modality, with several additional products currently being explored.

A Powerful Search Engine at Your Fingertips

Search 1000’s of Biomarkers, Assays and Trials in just a few clicks. With the essential search functionality and filters at your disposal, we can help you identify key opportunities available during your drug’s development phase.

Have Confidence in the Data You Search

The days of manually searching the public domain are over. Identify the most critical assets and searches to you and receive notifications in real time, whenever their status is updated on the platform.

Our Current Solutions

Lung Cancer

Covering all biomarkers, assays and clinical trials investigating targeted therapies within the lung cancer landscape.

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What our customers say

“[Biomarkers & Assays] is going to be a blockbuster in my opinion. It’s very valuable. There's no doubt about it… If I can delve into this information sooner rather than later before we write protocols and such, it's going to be amazing.”

Senior Vice President – Translational Sciences
Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company

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