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A comprehensive analysis of the drug, trial, and commercial landscape, including updates from 2023, relevant regulatory announcements, and the future of the cell therapy landscape.

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About the 2023 Landscape Review

The Cell Therapy field is evolving fast. CAR T cells and CD19 are the most commonly developed therapeutic classes. Armored cell therapies with KI, KO, and KD genes are gaining interest. In 2023, cell therapy expanded, particularly in autoimmune diseases. Exagamglogene autotemcel, the first CRISPR-edited cell therapy received landmark approval.

Developers are moving away from developing T Cells and into NK cells. Over 60% of NK therapies are allogeneic versus only 21% of T cell therapies. It’s important to follow trends in patient enrolment for early phase trials for non-oncology indications, with a 10% growth rate in non-oncology deals compared to a 10% decrease in cancer indications. Get all this information and more in our 2023 Cell Therapy Landscape report. Download now.

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