Webinar Leaders

Navneet Kaur Bhogal

House Speaker

Navneet Kaur Bhogal, PhD
Principal Research Analyst
Samuel Rabkin


 Samuel Rabkin, PhD Virologist – Massachusetts General Hospital

William Jia

Guest Speaker

William Jia, PhD Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and co-founder –  Virogin Biotech

About this webinar

As this novel therapy matures from the academic space and into the clinic, many developers will be keen to know who to invest in and what the early-stage results look like for oncolytic virotherapy. There will also be a focus on combinations with existing therapies such as immune checkpoint modulators to see if we can continue to improve or pave a new way forward for unmet needs in solid tumor indications.

Whilst we don’t know what the future holds for oncolytic virotherapy, there is excitement in the space and that interest is being reflected in the investment towards preclinical and translational development. How does this landscape look like? Who are the leaders of this race? What can we expect in 2021?

Answer these questions and more during our one-hour webinar, a platform dedicated to providing you with unique insights and perspectives from the emerging oncolytic virotherapy field and for addressing all your drug development questions. 

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Massachusetts General HospitalVirogin

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Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson- Research Analyst

Gregory Kavalerov

Gregory Kavalerov – Account Manager

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