Dr. Campbell has over 20 years experience in the biotech industry, here we discuss Patrys’ novel DDR therapeutic technology, and how Beacon has aided their development approach. Based in Melbourne, Australia, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: PAB), Patrys is a drug development company focused on commercialising antibody therapies for oncology. In 2016, Patrys secured an exclusive, worldwide license from Yale University for the use of nucleuspenetrating,
“deoxymab” antibodies as human therapeutic agents for treatment and management of cancer.


Most of the molecules that are targeting DDR deficient cancers are small molecules, how did Patrys end up developing your antibodies and what are the advantages of this approach versus other antibodies but more specifically, therapies in this space? How does having a differentiated approach affect the way that you view the space?


Patrys’ deoxymab antibodies are the only antibodies that show single agent synthetic lethality. In multiple models we’ve shown reduction of cancer load in DDR deficient cancer cell lines, but this is lost in the matching DDR proficient comparator lines. This positions deoxymabs well for cancers such as TNBC, and other cancers on both sides of the blood brain barrier with significant rates of DDR mutations. Comparing to small molecule therapeutics, we’d expect more benign side effect profiles, and the fact that deoxymabs can transit across the BBB offers significant advantages over existing agents. We think the unique differentiators of our deoxymabs position us well for clinical development, and we look forward to providing additional options for treating physicians.

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