April 29 – May 1, 2024 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Building upon the momentum and progress in the field, such as the announcement of the first British patient to be receiving mRNA-based cancer therapy, the 7th International Neoantigen Summit 2024 returns to Amsterdam to unite the international neoantigen community to overcome neoantigen identificationprediction, and translational challenges that are holding back the full potential of this class of therapies.

Join leading neoantigen trailblazers from the likes of Gritstone BioCureVacMedigeneGeneos Therapeutics Nykode Therapeutics at the only end-to-end, industry-dedicated neoantigen meeting covering the depth and breadth of the field from mRNA- to DNA- and viral vector-based vaccines as well as novel cell therapies with the true potentials to develop safe, durable and effective off-the-shelf or individualized neoantigen immunotherapeutics and vaccines for cancer patients.

Our expert team will be in attendance so make sure to book ahead of time to speak with Jacob Pacey about the evolving landscape and its promising future!