37% of trials started over the last 10 years are still recruiting participants
  • Out of 497 trials recorded by Beacon, 334 trials registered to start between 2010 -2020
  • Of these trials, 85% are in phase 1-2, and 32% are already reporting efficacy data
53% of virotherapy assets are preclinical

The field began to gain more traction after the FDA & EMA approval of Talimogene Laherparepvec for the treatment of advanced melanoma.

5 Approved 

108 Active 

143 Preclinical 

2 Discontinued (Officially)


Key Learnings

The struggle to enrol patients remains; however, with more trials at play, more data will become available to the community.

The race in virotherapy development has non-profit organizations and higher education developers investing as much time as Large Pharma. Who will make the next approval?

With a significant number of virotherapy options being studied both in the clinic and the lab, could combining virotherapies with Checkpoints make them stronger contenders?

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